IMPORTANT NOTICE – 24 March 2020

Please note that the President has announced in his speech last night that all essential services are exempt from National Shutdown over the compulsory 21 day period. Essential services include food manufacture and deliveries.

We at Doggy chef will continue to deliver to the customers who are on our current delivery schedule during this time. Our deliveries staff will continue to follow the strict virus protocols put in place with regards to deliveries. Customers are urged to play their part too and to practice safe distancing when we deliver. Delivery slips will be signed by our staff on our customers behalf.

For ad-hoc and last minute orders from customers who are not currently on our schedule, please be patient with us in this difficult time, we will endeavor to fulfill each order timeously.

Please stay home folks, be safe and help us flatten the curve. We can do this South Africa!

#FlattenTheCurve #StayAtHome #WeveGotThis #DontBeAspreader

Covid-19 Statement to Customers.

Doggy and Kitty Chef (PTY) LTD
Tel: 011 763 8515

Date: 18 March 2020

Dear valued Doggy chef customers

We would like to reassure you that in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we at Doggy chef are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that we remain fully operational, without
compromising the health of our staff, their families and the community at large and to ensure that our Dogs don’t go without their Doggy chef meals over this uncertain time.

We have therefore put the following measures in place to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus and have joined the movement to #FlattenTheCurve

Staff training
All members of staff have received extensive educational training and material on all the relevant information regarding the Coronavirus, including personal hygiene and hand washing, social distancing, symptoms to look out for, etc.

Coronavirus Antiviral
By now, various treatments for the Coronavirus have been used all over the world. Because of scientific protocols, these treatments are not formally available yet.

We have started giving our staff an anticorona virus product, which boosts immune against and which inhibits the replication of the virus in human cells. Should you also be interested in this product for you and your family please mail my husband Kobus Marais on

Access to medical advice and support
We have created a dedicated staff WA group for all staff members where all the latest news and updates are posted on a regular basis. Staff members are able to post any questions or concerns on the WA group for us to answer. Simple, accurate and up to date communication is vital.

Protecting staff members’ families
In addition, to making additional hand sanitizing equipment available at our factory, we are in the process of issuing all staff members with information and hand sanitisation kits for their homes and families. 

Staff members who can work from home have already been instructed to do so.

ALL staff members have been asked to inform us straight away if they are not feeling well and are requested not to come to work until they feel better. If they have symptoms that are in line with the symptoms of COVID19, they are to contact us first. We will then get hold of their local clinic and personally take them to get tested asap on Doggy chef account. If any member of their family takes ill, our staff are advised to stay at home
too. Doggy chef has undertaken to still pay staff members if they are off ill. At present, not one of our staff members or family members have shown any sign of illness.

Our factory
We have always followed legally compliant stringent hygiene measures and have now included additional measures. These measures are –

  1. Protective clothing
    In terms of the standard requirements for food facilities, all our staff wear full HACCP approved overalls, gumboots, aprons disposable gloves and hairnets. We have an onsite laundry, where at the end of each day, all overalls and aprons are washed for fresh uniforms to be distributed in the morning upon arrival at the factory. The laundry uses high temperature washing and food safety appropriate detergents to clean them. Gumboots are cleaned and sanitized every morning and every evening. The boots remain in their change rooms and never leave our facility. Staff do not wear them outside of the facility. Hairnets and gloves are disposed of as they leave the facility and new ones put on every time they enter.
  2. Hand washing and sanitizing
    On entering and exiting the facility, every staff member washes their hands with food safe hand wash. NO ONE else will be allowed to enter our factory at all. However
    with immediate effect only officials from the Department of Health will be allowed access and they will comply with the same hygiene measures of our staff.
  3. Deliveries to our premises
    All delivery personnel will be asked to sanitize their hands. They will have sanitizer sprayed onto their shoes (underneath and on top) They are only allowed into the receiving area and not beyond. Any boxes or containers delivered to us will with immediate effect be sprayed with a food safe sanitizer before being allowed to enter our premises.

Doggy chef delivery vehicle and driver

  1. Our vehicle will be sanitized twice a day. Before it leaves the factory and upon return to the factory.
  2. Desrae – our delivery lady has been briefed on hygiene and safe distancing. She has also been issued with a hand and shoe sanitizer kit.
  3. She will use her sanitizer before getting out of our delivery vehicle and upon return to the vehicle. She will sanitize both her hands and her shoes.                                            
  4. She will have hand sanitizer on her person. If you’d like her to spray the cooler bags before handing over to you, you are welcome to ask her to do so.
  5. Desrae will not be entering your home. She will open the cooler bags outside your door. From there, whoever is accepting the delivery, will take bags out of the cooler bags and take straight to your freezer.
  6. Desrae will no longer be giving hugs or shaking hands. Please respect this.

We wish our customers good health in this serious period. We remain committed to keeping our business open, staff employed and will do deliveries to you as normal. If we normally deliver to your office and now need to change to your home address, please let us know. Please email Lauren on or WhatsApp her on 081 326 7888


Franki Marais
Managing Director
Doggy chef
081 477 5706

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